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Mike Simonetti’s taste in disco is fantastic

The guy behind the much loved Italians Do It Better label, Mike Simonetti, has got to be one of the most prominent tastemakers in “modern” disco. Not only does he release some of the freshest disco around, he also has a superior taste when it comes to older disco sounds. In early 2008 Mike and Johnny decided to whip out a mix that combines newer and older disco sounds along with some more regular elements from hiphop and rock, and the result is the Albuterol mix. I really dig this mix, and though the older disco sounds don’t tend to grab me as much as the newer ones, there truly are some gems hidden in this mix. If you like this, be sure to high five Mike on the Viva Italians blog.

Mike Simonetti – Albuterol


Streetlife DJ’s love the disco sound

I’ve been digging a lot of disco grooves lately, and I think it’s fair to say that somewhere in the future, disco will be huge once again. I’m not talking that 80’s glamour stuff, but some of the wonderful and fresh sounds coming from bands like Weird Tapes, Pink Stallone and everything ever put out on Italians Do It Better of course. The new single from Streetlife DJ’s is a declaration of love for the disco sound, and even though the track doesn’t really sound like the bands mentioned above, this is still a pretty good take on what a electro/disco fusion may sound like when the electro elements are a bit more prominent in the mix. But never mind the genres really, this is just an ace track.

Streetlife DJ’s – We Love The Disco Sound

Check out Streetlife DJ’s Myspace for some more great track and an opportunity to buy the 12″ released on Kitsuné and even a ridiculously amazing t-shirt with that helps you declare your love for disco

Pink Stallone breathe new life into disco

I’ve become semi-obsessed with the whole disco movement lately, and it just seems that more and more great bands pop out of anonymity every day. My most recent love affair when disco began today while reading 20JFG who blogged about a bunch of New Jersey kids who have formed a band called Pink Stallone. They only have two tracks up on their Myspace, but I’m sure there’s more to come, and I’m also fairly sure that whatever they’ll put up, it will blow your mind. The uploaded tracks say a bit about the different aspects of the band, Swiss Ambulance being very laid back and ambient while Seaside Conga has plenty of upbeat rhythms and distorted vocals without letting down the disco feel. In other word, what’s not to like?

Pink Stallone – Seaside Conga

If you like it, go say it on Myspace!

Don’t be afraid of Fan Death

photo from Kang A Ji on flickr

“Fan death is a South Korean urban legend which states that an electric fan, if left running overnight in a closed room, can cause the death (by suffocation, poisoning, or hypothermia) of those inside”. That may be the single most crazy thing I’ve heard today, enough said. The whole reason why I came across this was a quest to dig into the greatness of disco/owl-lovers Fan Death first brought to me by the always great gorillavsbear. They play disco like every other hip kid in town, but they actually put some soul into it too and that’s always a plus. The sound is fairly similar to Glass Candy and the rest of the Italians Do it Better crew, but this still manages to stand alone as a take on the 2008 disco.

Fan Death – When the Money’s Right

Dance along on Myspace too

Lindstrøm is the king of cosmic disco

It seems that the genre of cosmic disco is happening around the Norwegian electronic scene. Diskjokke has been releasing nice ambient tracks for a while now and I never realized that I could actually get this much into anything that sounds this spacy. If you have yet to discover the greatness of cosmic disco, Lindstrøm would be a great place to start. He is releasing a new album tomorrow called Where You Go, I Go Too. I must admit that I haven’t listened to it yet apart from the first single, but if the other 2 tracks (yup 3 tracks in total), are as great as Grand Ideas, the album could be a real treat. The track just builds and builds for about 8 minutes when it loosens up a bit and goes even further into space.

Lindstrøm – Grand Ideas

Space disco on Myspace

WTF is the deal with disco?

People keep on telling me, that when Justice have busted the last eardrum of an innocent teen hipster and no one knows how to pronounce Ed Banger once again, people will return to the slick grooves of.. disco?! But no matter how crazy it sounds, it’s probably right and when Wikip. talks about a “disco revival”, it must be true. Looking around the musicsphere in 08 should also indicate that disco is on its way back. Hercules + love affair made us dance to Blind, James Murphy is doing a special disco-dj tour (smells a bit 70s, right?) and Italians Do It Better keep on getting praise. The whole ITDIB hype is well deserved though, and I really enjoy Glass Candy ( does that make me cool?). Nvm the hype, they do make some excellent tunes available for you to hear too:

Glass Candy – Geto Boys

but stil.. disco?!