Let Dinowalrus weird you out

I receive some music in my inbox every once in a while, and that’s always great. But what’s even better is the times when I receive something that’s both really original and equally great. This is the case with Dinowalrus, a band that hooked me up with some tunes after my post about Pink Stallone, and I must say that Dinowalrus is both original and great. They describe their music as drum n’ drone, and though that sounds really hard to digest, it’s actually not as harsh as it sounds. I’ve become particularly fascinated by the weird groves of BEAD that sounds somewhat like one of my favourite bands, Battles, just with some even more freaked out vocals. Check it out below.

Dinowalrus – BEAD

If you think this is great, be sure to visit their site for both sights and sounds.


From Bake Sale to Bank Sale

Have you heard about the economic crisis? Yeah, I thought so too. So how do you try to turn this whole thing into something a bit more positive? I guess you release more excellent music. And that’s exactly what Logarhythmik has done here, by reworking the Cool Kids’ great EP The Bake Sale and creating the Bank Sale EP and perhaps throwing the greatest cover of the year out there. The EP comes loaded with a message about change, and it’s not a coincidence that Logarhythmik wanted this to hit the internet before the election. The beauty of this is that it’s all free, and although Logarhythmik hasn’t cleared his samples with the Cool Kids, he states that he hopes they can solve it out to get out their message about change.

The EP is available for download at Logarhythmik’s blog where there’s also a nice PayPal link if you want to give the guy a little financial help. Of course you can still go find him or The Cool Kids on Myspace.

Ladyhawke – My Delirium (Video)

I have yet to really express my love for Ladyhawke on here, but consider this the post to do so. I’ve been listening to the album a lot recently, and it’s really growing on me. I’m not afraid to admit that Back of The Van is one of my absolute favourite tracks at the moment, and right now I’m pretty much in love with anything Ladyhawke. This new video for My Delirium features a really nice mix of “real” filming and animation that gives a little more life to the animated Ladyhawke universe. It’s great to say the least! Go give her some love on Myspace and be sure to grab the My Delirium single when it’s out on December 8th. The tracklist looks pretty promising with remixes from the likes of Fan Death. Nice!

My new passion for Disco Villains

When the amount of electronic producers and dj’s increase it also becomes increasingly hard for the ones who really have something interesting to share to break through. But when they do, we just have to step back and watch them grow into blogosphere-stardom. I wont pretend I jumped onto Disco Villains as soon as my favourite Biscuits expressed their love for them, but I’ve been watching what they’ve been up to lately, and it seems that they just get better and better. Of course, a nice way to get some attention in the blogosphere is to remix Justice, and that’s exactly what Disco Villains have done. Not to say that they’re just taking the easy way to fame, because they deserve every single bit of praise that they get. Here’s the Justice remix and their remix of The Faint is equally great and available just below.

Justice vs Simian – We Are Your Friends (Disco Villains Remix)

The Faint – The Geeks Were Right (Disco Villains Re-Edit)

They’re of course on Myspace, so be sure to add them as a friend to find out what they’re up to.

The Widdler has a go at clubstep

Dubstep has been haunting my speakers for an incredible amount of time by now, and has even resulted in a Dubstep Rundown on here. But I guess that dubstep isn’t really getting the recognition it deserves right now, and what do you do then? The Widdler takes an interesting approach as he merges dubstep and a more club-oriented approach which he cleverly titles Clubstep. So is there really anything new to this? I guess the invention is relatively small, but I think this has a fair chance of receiving some more mainstream approval although this may not be the track to “break” the genre. But this is still great stuff, give it a spin.

The Widdler – Final Stage

If you dig this take a trip to Myspace where he even guides you towards places that allow you to buy his music. That’s good service!

Wow, the Horrors are good at remixing

I’ve been really fascinated by the Horrors for a long time (I even shot that pic above), and though their horrorish punk makes me freak out a bit, I still think Strange House is an excellent album and I’m eager to hear something new from them. But right now it doesn’t really seem like there’s something new on the way, so I guess we’ll have to look for something different until then. And fortunately, there really is some excellent Horrors-related stuff around! The always fresh Ohh! Crapp… posted this Horrors remix of The Charlatan’s The Misbegotten, and it’s quality stuff! We aren’t facing something classic Horrors here, the remix is more aussie sounding with synths and even draws some inspiration from more minimal stuff.

The Charlatans – The Misbegotten (The Horrors Remix)

The Charlatans and The Horrors are of course available on Myspace, so don’t hesitate to give them some sweet internet love!

Feist – Honey Honey (Video)

I don’t mean to go all video blog on you, but I’ve been seeing some great videos lately, and of course I’m going to share them with you. The most recent one is Feist’s new video for Honey Honey directed by Anthony Seck that features some really sweet stop-motion action and a story about a sailor’s adventures on the sea. I like it, and I like it a lot.