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Calling in Sick are… sick

First of all sorry for the bad joke, I just had to… But this may be the most underrated guys of 2008 for me. I’ve been in love with their blend of aussie sounds and the french-inspired house sounds. I’ve been massively in love with their remix of Disco Sirens, and thanks to Redthreat I’ve now been hooked up with some new sounds from Calling In Sick. I guess new is a bit of an overstatement since the track has been around since early 2008, but hey, that doesn’t really change anything does it? There’s slap bass Justice-style, and there’s plenty of distorted synths and more melodic ones too for the rest of us. Check it out below, it’s ace stuff! Declare your love on Myspace

Calling In Sick – Cali Games


Going Other Places has moved

Hello there, the new site is live on so go check it out. That also means that this page wont be updated any more, so be sure to head over there to get your musical needs filled.

Friendly Fires release a Lykke Li cover

The Friendly Fires debut album released earlier this year, has got to be one of my absolute faves of the year. Though they aren’t reinventing anything really, their music is still so instantly loveable that it’s crazy. I mean, who needs to reinvent anything when you’ve already got a pretty good idea on how to make catchy dance-rock? I have also grown increasingly fond of Lykke Li’s work over the last couple of weeks, and the remixes of her tracks are particularly great. Actually there isn’t a single bad one out there in my humble opinion.

So I was a bit curious on how this would turn out, when I saw that Friendly Fires had covered Lykke Li. This could be an insanely forced cover just trying to grab the attention of two different crowds, or it could, as it really is, be an extremely catchy rework of a great track, that goes from a relaxed piano vibe to a more clubby vibe and then merges the two in the end. Nice!

Friendly Fires – I’m Good I’m Gone (Lykke Li Cover)

Let Dinowalrus weird you out

I receive some music in my inbox every once in a while, and that’s always great. But what’s even better is the times when I receive something that’s both really original and equally great. This is the case with Dinowalrus, a band that hooked me up with some tunes after my post about Pink Stallone, and I must say that Dinowalrus is both original and great. They describe their music as drum n’ drone, and though that sounds really hard to digest, it’s actually not as harsh as it sounds. I’ve become particularly fascinated by the weird groves of BEAD that sounds somewhat like one of my favourite bands, Battles, just with some even more freaked out vocals. Check it out below.

Dinowalrus – BEAD

If you think this is great, be sure to visit their site for both sights and sounds.

The Widdler has a go at clubstep

Dubstep has been haunting my speakers for an incredible amount of time by now, and has even resulted in a Dubstep Rundown on here. But I guess that dubstep isn’t really getting the recognition it deserves right now, and what do you do then? The Widdler takes an interesting approach as he merges dubstep and a more club-oriented approach which he cleverly titles Clubstep. So is there really anything new to this? I guess the invention is relatively small, but I think this has a fair chance of receiving some more mainstream approval although this may not be the track to “break” the genre. But this is still great stuff, give it a spin.

The Widdler – Final Stage

If you dig this take a trip to Myspace where he even guides you towards places that allow you to buy his music. That’s good service!

A heavy banger from Le Castle Vania

I want to post something that I just stumbled upon in my iTunes although I’ve had the track for some time now. I don’t know how I’ve managed to avoid listening to this track until now, but holy crap it’s great! Zero Machine is the name of the monster, and it’s just absolutely epic. And even though it’s heavily distorted it still sounds so good it’s almost to good to be true. So in case you haven’t grabbed this baby on another blog, this one is a real treat and Le Castle Vania definitely needs some more internet love so be sure to stop by his Myspace and you can even grab some freebies through his blog. Free music for dedicated fans? Way to go Le Castle Vania, be sure to give him a lot of love.

Le Castle Vania – Zero Machine

Streetlife DJ’s love the disco sound

I’ve been digging a lot of disco grooves lately, and I think it’s fair to say that somewhere in the future, disco will be huge once again. I’m not talking that 80’s glamour stuff, but some of the wonderful and fresh sounds coming from bands like Weird Tapes, Pink Stallone and everything ever put out on Italians Do It Better of course. The new single from Streetlife DJ’s is a declaration of love for the disco sound, and even though the track doesn’t really sound like the bands mentioned above, this is still a pretty good take on what a electro/disco fusion may sound like when the electro elements are a bit more prominent in the mix. But never mind the genres really, this is just an ace track.

Streetlife DJ’s – We Love The Disco Sound

Check out Streetlife DJ’s Myspace for some more great track and an opportunity to buy the 12″ released on Kitsuné and even a ridiculously amazing t-shirt with that helps you declare your love for disco