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Mike Simonetti’s taste in disco is fantastic

The guy behind the much loved Italians Do It Better label, Mike Simonetti, has got to be one of the most prominent tastemakers in “modern” disco. Not only does he release some of the freshest disco around, he also has a superior taste when it comes to older disco sounds. In early 2008 Mike and Johnny decided to whip out a mix that combines newer and older disco sounds along with some more regular elements from hiphop and rock, and the result is the Albuterol mix. I really dig this mix, and though the older disco sounds don’t tend to grab me as much as the newer ones, there truly are some gems hidden in this mix. If you like this, be sure to high five Mike on the Viva Italians blog.

Mike Simonetti – Albuterol


Sweet new mix from Tiedye

Italians Do It Better have amazed me time after time, but it seems that the guys have slowed down a lot recently, and there isn’t really coming anything new from them in terms of releases. Fortunately, Tiedye isn’t taking any breaks right now and half of Tiedye, Anton Qlint to be precise, has just dropped a new mixtape to give you company and comfort through the winter. The mix consists entirely of Swedish music and ranges quite wide although all tunes have a clear Tiedye’ey twist. Pure goodness! Find the tracklist below.

Anton Qlint – Ge Och Ta-Mix

Rasa – “The greatest one”
Graham Nash – “Earth & Sky”
Renée – “Can’t live my life”
Alan Tarney – “On TV”
Eloy – “Mirador”
Moon Martin – “Writing on the wall”
The Earons – “Land of Hunger (Dub version)”
Cos/mes – “Fanfare Maniac”
MUD – “Mr Bagatelle”
Torkel Rasmusson – “Resan”

Catch Tiedye and Anton Qlint on Myspace

Awesome new mix from La Grève Générale

I was browsing around some blogs, when I grabbed this mix on Stockholm Beat Connection and holy crap, it’s sooo good. I must admit I was amazed just by looking at the tracklist. I mean, anything that includes Michael Jackson, Cut Copy, Kate Bush, Kid Sister and The Clash in one mix has got to be amazing, but this is just unbelievable. The mix is created by french electroclashers La Grève Générale and is apparently named after Tech-Noir a club in the Terminator movies. Can this thing get more messed up? I don’t think so, and to be honest it’s not that important either. It’s just a great mix!!

La Grève Générale – Tech-Noir Mixtape
A tracklist can be found in the comments

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