Friendly Fires release a Lykke Li cover

The Friendly Fires debut album released earlier this year, has got to be one of my absolute faves of the year. Though they aren’t reinventing anything really, their music is still so instantly loveable that it’s crazy. I mean, who needs to reinvent anything when you’ve already got a pretty good idea on how to make catchy dance-rock? I have also grown increasingly fond of Lykke Li’s work over the last couple of weeks, and the remixes of her tracks are particularly great. Actually there isn’t a single bad one out there in my humble opinion.

So I was a bit curious on how this would turn out, when I saw that Friendly Fires had covered Lykke Li. This could be an insanely forced cover just trying to grab the attention of two different crowds, or it could, as it really is, be an extremely catchy rework of a great track, that goes from a relaxed piano vibe to a more clubby vibe and then merges the two in the end. Nice!

Friendly Fires – I’m Good I’m Gone (Lykke Li Cover)


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