Let Dinowalrus weird you out

I receive some music in my inbox every once in a while, and that’s always great. But what’s even better is the times when I receive something that’s both really original and equally great. This is the case with Dinowalrus, a band that hooked me up with some tunes after my post about Pink Stallone, and I must say that Dinowalrus is both original and great. They describe their music as drum n’ drone, and though that sounds really hard to digest, it’s actually not as harsh as it sounds. I’ve become particularly fascinated by the weird groves of BEAD that sounds somewhat like one of my favourite bands, Battles, just with some even more freaked out vocals. Check it out below.

Dinowalrus – BEAD

If you think this is great, be sure to visit their site for both sights and sounds.


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