From Bake Sale to Bank Sale

Have you heard about the economic crisis? Yeah, I thought so too. So how do you try to turn this whole thing into something a bit more positive? I guess you release more excellent music. And that’s exactly what Logarhythmik has done here, by reworking the Cool Kids’ great EP The Bake Sale and creating the Bank Sale EP and perhaps throwing the greatest cover of the year out there. The EP comes loaded with a message about change, and it’s not a coincidence that Logarhythmik wanted this to hit the internet before the election. The beauty of this is that it’s all free, and although Logarhythmik hasn’t cleared his samples with the Cool Kids, he states that he hopes they can solve it out to get out their message about change.

The EP is available for download at Logarhythmik’s blog where there’s also a nice PayPal link if you want to give the guy a little financial help. Of course you can still go find him or The Cool Kids on Myspace.


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