The Widdler has a go at clubstep

Dubstep has been haunting my speakers for an incredible amount of time by now, and has even resulted in a Dubstep Rundown on here. But I guess that dubstep isn’t really getting the recognition it deserves right now, and what do you do then? The Widdler takes an interesting approach as he merges dubstep and a more club-oriented approach which he cleverly titles Clubstep. So is there really anything new to this? I guess the invention is relatively small, but I think this has a fair chance of receiving some more mainstream approval although this may not be the track to “break” the genre. But this is still great stuff, give it a spin.

The Widdler – Final Stage

If you dig this take a trip to Myspace where he even guides you towards places that allow you to buy his music. That’s good service!


2 responses to “The Widdler has a go at clubstep

  1. Too early to sub-caterogorize.

    Yes, there is obviously ambient dub and filthy dub.
    But it’s all still ‘Dubstep’.

    Clubstep/Gorestep/Brostep don’t come into the equation.

  2. While Dan may be right, this “Clubstep” is increasingly becoming a famed underground sub genre. There have already been dozens of tracks which can fall under the category.

    Also, don’t forget “Melodic Dubstep” which is awesome as well.

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