Wow, the Horrors are good at remixing

I’ve been really fascinated by the Horrors for a long time (I even shot that pic above), and though their horrorish punk makes me freak out a bit, I still think Strange House is an excellent album and I’m eager to hear something new from them. But right now it doesn’t really seem like there’s something new on the way, so I guess we’ll have to look for something different until then. And fortunately, there really is some excellent Horrors-related stuff around! The always fresh Ohh! Crapp… posted this Horrors remix of The Charlatan’s The Misbegotten, and it’s quality stuff! We aren’t facing something classic Horrors here, the remix is more aussie sounding with synths and even draws some inspiration from more minimal stuff.

The Charlatans – The Misbegotten (The Horrors Remix)

The Charlatans and The Horrors are of course available on Myspace, so don’t hesitate to give them some sweet internet love!


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