Streetlife DJ’s love the disco sound

I’ve been digging a lot of disco grooves lately, and I think it’s fair to say that somewhere in the future, disco will be huge once again. I’m not talking that 80’s glamour stuff, but some of the wonderful and fresh sounds coming from bands like Weird Tapes, Pink Stallone and everything ever put out on Italians Do It Better of course. The new single from Streetlife DJ’s is a declaration of love for the disco sound, and even though the track doesn’t really sound like the bands mentioned above, this is still a pretty good take on what a electro/disco fusion may sound like when the electro elements are a bit more prominent in the mix. But never mind the genres really, this is just an ace track.

Streetlife DJ’s – We Love The Disco Sound

Check out Streetlife DJ’s Myspace for some more great track and an opportunity to buy the 12″ released on Kitsuné and even a ridiculously amazing t-shirt with that helps you declare your love for disco


One response to “Streetlife DJ’s love the disco sound

  1. I agree: Check out the second vincent ambrose disco mix over here, its like 20mins, i think thats about the kind of hot disco sound these days.

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