Dubstep Rundown Part 5: Loefah

This is deeep. No really, Loefah makes music that includes frequencies so low it’s unbelievable. I know what you’re going to say “Dubstep is meant to be deep”, but this is just ridiculous. Loefah is one of the absolute allstars of dubstep and his releases have received massive praise and recognition from all over the musical spectre. Although he has yet to release a full album, his incredible amount of singles and features on various compilations have made him a respected dubstep producer, and the expectations to his album are huge. The music is pretty straight forward, but Loefah manages to incorporate some rather melodic elements in his bass-landscapes.

Loefah – System

Deep deep bass on Loefah’s Myspace


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One response to “Dubstep Rundown Part 5: Loefah

  1. Check this dubstep artist out ! – http://jmbeats.com

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