Dubstep Rundown Part 4: Benga

I’ve been raving about Benga for a while know, and even expressed my love for his music on here previously, but I still think the guy deserves some more praise. After all, him and Skream are said to be the guys who invented dubstep, and that must count for something. Furthermore he’s touring with Skream and Artwork under the alias Magnetic Man, maybe the closest we’ll get to a dubstep allstar team? Benga has been releasing heavy tracks since the early 2000s and his tracks take the best from regular dubstep and adds the best from the similar grime genre. Hell, even some acoustic drums are thrown in the mix occasionally. If you want to hear more, his album Diary of an Afro Warrior is an absolute must!

Benga – Night

If you want more, Myspace is your friend


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