Dubstep Rundown Part 2: Kromestar

Welcome to the second instalment in my little Dubstep Rundown series. Today I will be writing about something that really fits well under the word sick when it comes to dubstep. Not to say that it isn’t awesome (because it is), but to express the feel of these cuts, because the music released by Kromestar (or Ironsoul as he also calls himself) is truly sick. Ghost Town, Surgery and Bloodclart along with the almost classic Kalawanji are just some of the tracks that make up his impressing catalogue. Basically Kromestar’s music has everything you need to make some damn fine dubstep. There’s a lot of bass, a lot of rhythm and a nice twist of mystic sounds to keep you satisfied.

Kromestar – High Is The Limit

Kromestar/Ironsoul has a pretty sick Myspace too


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