Let’s do a Dubstep Rundown

I’m off for France in the coming week and have to cope with a lack of internet access, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll leave you alone. I’ve lined up a series of posts under the name Dubstep Rundown, and as the name almost explains, this is going to be a rundown of the biggest names of dubstep to help you get into the genre if you have yet to be amazed by the bass and the pace coming out of London. This won’t be a list, but rather a collection of the most essential artists that hopefully gives an impression of what dubstep is. Oh, and Skream will not be on there since I have already blogged him to death (or something close to that). But don’t worry here’s one of the most legendary track, made by Skream of course, just to get you started.

Skream – Midnight Request Line

If you find something you like over the next week, most of the tracks are available to grab through the online stores listed in the sidebar.


6 responses to “Let’s do a Dubstep Rundown

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