Absolute Randomness Part 4

Welcome to this final post in the Absolute Randomness series. Over the last three days I’ve been rambling over some completely random tracks that I love but just never found the time to put out here. But while I’m left without internet actions, I decided to put some of these tracks up for you to check out. Be sure to come back tomorrow when I’m launching the brand new week-long Dubstep Rundown feature on here, it’s going to be great fun. But enough talking, here are today’s absolutely random tracks.

As In RebekkaMaria – Yours Truly
I’m starting off with a really cute Danish electro-track from As In RebekkaMaria. This has been getting heavy airplay over here, and in my opinion is well-deserved, this is some of the nicest electro-pop I’ve heard in a while.

Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band – Favourite
Here’s another Danish band, this time a bit more loose and tongue-in-cheek, but pretty damn good nevertheless. Snake and Jet made themselves famous when they started giving away all their music for free on the mighty internet, and since then things have really started to take off. Some rough indie/garage/electro-things going on here. Nice!

Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Peppa and Spinderella
My favourite British rockband at the moment is Johnny Foreigner. This is a bit different (well a lot actually) from what I usually post, but this track is just stunning and perfect for the semi-quiet autumn afternoons.


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