Absolute Randomness Part 1

Unfortunately I’m without internet access from Tuesday to Friday this week, but I figured out that I wouldn’t want to let you down. Therefore I’m delivering four completely random posts with some completely random tracks inside that I just never found the time to post. So these posts basically consists of the tracks that I have fallen in love with lately, but just haven’t found the time to share with you yet. But here they are:

The Whip – Divebomb (Crystal Castles Remix)
You probably already have this, but I’m going to post it just because I keep on being amazed by Ethan Kath’s remixes. This man can’t do anything wrong!

Albertslund Terror Korps – Albertslund Terror Hvad
This is truly random and apocalyptic, but great nevertheless. I won’t try to explain what this is about with the Danish lyrics and everything, just lean back (or go nuts if you like) and enjoy this crazy track

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Want U
This is actually still kinda relevant… The new single from Lo-Fi-Fnk is absolutely brilliant, so do yourself a massive favour and check it out. You won’t regret it.

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