Sweet new mix from Tiedye

Italians Do It Better have amazed me time after time, but it seems that the guys have slowed down a lot recently, and there isn’t really coming anything new from them in terms of releases. Fortunately, Tiedye isn’t taking any breaks right now and half of Tiedye, Anton Qlint to be precise, has just dropped a new mixtape to give you company and comfort through the winter. The mix consists entirely of Swedish music and ranges quite wide although all tunes have a clear Tiedye’ey twist. Pure goodness! Find the tracklist below.

Anton Qlint – Ge Och Ta-Mix

Rasa – “The greatest one”
Graham Nash – “Earth & Sky”
Renée – “Can’t live my life”
Alan Tarney – “On TV”
Eloy – “Mirador”
Moon Martin – “Writing on the wall”
The Earons – “Land of Hunger (Dub version)”
Cos/mes – “Fanfare Maniac”
MUD – “Mr Bagatelle”
Torkel Rasmusson – “Resan”

Catch Tiedye and Anton Qlint on Myspace


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