Mondkopf gets signed to Fool’s House

The French electro scene has been spitting out amazing new artist for an incredible amount of time by now. It seems a bit unlikely that they’ll keep on being great as they have been in the past, but apparently there’s still plenty of fresh talent left in France. The latest thing to get some creds around the blogosphere is Mondkopf, a young guy making some really extreme electro tunes in the classic French style, but still with a new twist. Mondkopf has just been signed to fluokids’ new label Fool House, and has an EP coming out on October 4th featuring the absolutely banging track Sainte. Oh, and if you check out his Myspace you’ll notice that the guy namedrops some pretty cool sources of inspiration in his Top Friends.

Mondkopf – Sainte


One response to “Mondkopf gets signed to Fool’s House

  1. His music his very good, we’ll certainly hear him a lot in the future!

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