Empire of the Sun to release debut album

I’ve been madly in love with Empire of the Sun since the first time I listened to Walking on a Dream, but after some weeks, I’m desperately longing for something new. And apparently something new is on the way! Empire of the Sun will release their debut album, titled Walking on a Dream (not all that surprising, eh?), on October 4th and will probably bring even more aussie pop to your headphones. Hopefully the guys will maintain the high standards from Walking on a Dream, and if they do, we might be looking at one of the top releases of 2008. The tracklist for Walking on a Dream looks like this:

1. Standing on the Shore
2. Walking on a Dream
3. Half Mast
4. We Are the People
5. Delta Bay
6. Country
7. The World
8. Swordfish Hotkiss Night
9. Tiger By My Side
10. Without You

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (Sam La More 12″ Remix)

While you wait, their Myspace would be a good place to stop by. And the pretty mysterious www.walkingonadream.com.au might become useful.


One response to “Empire of the Sun to release debut album

  1. frozencharles

    i love them as well!

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