2manydjs create a new essential mix

Image by Maczym on flickr

… and of course it’s ridiculously amazing. I still get a bit surprised by the high level of quality these guys manage to maintain, and after looking at their remixes and seeing Part of The Weekend Never Dies I am convinced that they simply can’t do nothing wrong. Someone in the film describes Radio Soulwax as a cult, and I think that is pretty much spot on. So if you like the cult (and don’t mind enjoying anything described as a cult) this is a nice treat for you. Our two favourite Belgians have been mixing it up once again for the Essential Mix under the 2manydjs alias, and the result is great. Not all banger, and that might be a good thing every once in a while. The tracklist can be found in the comments section.

2manydjs- Essential Mix

You probably already know, but they’re on Myspace


One response to “2manydjs create a new essential mix

  1. Soulwax – “Part of the Weekend Never Dies”
    Kissing The Pink – “Big Man Restless”
    Sonic Youth – “100%”
    Wire – “Three Girl Rhumba”
    ZZT – “The Worm (Erol Edit)”
    Esser – “Headlock”
    In Flagranti – “Business Accumen”
    Lele – “Disco Vraiment”
    MGMT – “Kids (Soulwax Remix)”
    Simian Mobile Disco – “Nike Run Edit”
    Todd Terry – “Can You Party…”
    Simple Minds – “I Travel”
    Action Man – “Zombie Dance”
    Flairs – “Truckers Delite”
    Chemical Brothers – “Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)”
    Beathoven – “Soulwax Edit”
    Zombie Nation – “Forza”
    Sheila E – “Glamorous Life”

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