My love for Van She grows and grows

So, my birthday is tomorrow, and that always tend to make me a bit nostalgic. I’ve been browsing around the chaotic world of blogs for some time now and I have expanded my musical horizon in ways I would never had thought possible. But sometimes it’s good to return back home to something safe and something well-known, and in this case, the thing I’m going back to is Van She’s amazing catalogue of remixes.

I was reading Ohh! Crapp… yesterday and I came across their latest work on Walter Meego’s Forever which once again gave me faith in Van She’s remixing abilities. I mean, how many remixers have been consistently good for a longer period of time? Justice have made a few gems and bangers and have become massively popular, but Van She never really got the praise they deserved in my opinion. And yes, they have failed a couple of times, but the general level of awesomeness in the Van She camp is just unbelievable.

Here are a two of my favourite Van She Tech remixes, and though you probably already have played the shit out of these, a trip down memory lane is always pleasant.

Ladyhawke – Back of The Van (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine Remix)
Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech Remix)

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