More Heartsrevolution for you

Heartsrevolution have been hyped for some time now, and while I don’t think they’re as great as Crystal Castles and You Love Her Coz She’s Dead, they sure do have their moments. Some of these moments were captured on the Switchblade EP, released on ISOMORPHS earlier this year, and if you never managed to grab one of the incredibly sexy copies of the vinyl release, you’ll get the chance soon. IHEARTCOMIX are planning to release this beauty on October 21st, and even if you already own your share of Heartsrevolution releases, there are still plenty of reason to get hold of this. New tracks, new artwork, a poster and the tracks are fully re-mastered. Sounds good doesn’t it? The EP is available for preorder at the IHEARTCOMIX Store. And the updated tracklist:

1. Switchblade
2. Wolves + Libertines
3. Dance Til Dawn
4. Digital Suicide
5. Take It Or Leave It

They have a pretty cool Myspace too!


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