Modeselektor finds the cure for jetlag

The phenomenon of jetlag always seems to ruin the perfect opportunities and moments. You’re travelling far far away and want to see something new, when all your head wants to see is pillows. Well, Modeselektor have lined up a cure for that. The perfect jetlag mix made especially for XLR8R to help you forget about the jetlag. The sound is classic Modeselektor’ish with some slow burning rhythms and a deep deep bass. I don’t know if this would help my jetlag, there is always the risk of simply falling a sleep, listening to something this pleasing for the ears, but I think Modeselektor keeps this mix fresh and interesting throughout and you might consider staying up for another couple of hours after listening to this. Also, many thanks to one of my favourite blogs around, Hot Biscuits for spreading the word on this.

Modeselektor’s Jetlag Mix (through XLR8R)

Modeselektor are also available for your listening pleasure on Myspace


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