Soulwax and Chemical Brothers team up

I love Soulwax. I really really love Soulwax. I was already looking forward to the Part of The Weekend Never Dies documentary when this little beauty dropped today. A remix of Chemical Brother’s classic Hey Boy Hey Girl now louder, heavier and much more intense. Of course the track builds to an epic climax that reminds me of everything I love about Soulwax. Thanks to Asian Dan for this one.

Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)

Love it on Myspace too: Soulwax & Chemical Brothers


2 responses to “Soulwax and Chemical Brothers team up

  1. do you purchase ANY of the music you post here????
    go get ’em BLOGSTAR.

  2. Hey and thanks for commenting, although you don’t seem all that positive.. Actually I do try to buy all the music I post here, but sometimes it’s hard to get hold of it all since some of the remixes are unreleased or unavailable where I live. But I still buy a lot of cds and legal digital downloads to make sure that my fave artists will keep on releasing music.

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