Fred Falke works the remixes

I first listened to the Fred Falke remix of Whitest Boy Alive’s “Golden Cage” a long time ago. I wasn’t completely amazed, but it still was a nice remix that grew on me over the cause of time. Right now the remix is getting plenty of spins in my headphones, and I’ve learnt to love the slick grooves of Fred Falke’s sweet keyboards and bass lines with a touch of retro-fetishism. The funny thing is, that I just stumbled upon a new a fresh new Fred Falke remix over at Discodust. This time it’s Kish Mauve’s turn to take a trip in the Fred Falke machine, and I must say that he manages to create a really good remix once again. This is both more spacey and the keyboards float around a lot more, but at the same time the guitars are very upfront and add a little extra punch.

Kish Mauve – Lose Control (Fred Falke Remix)

Kish Mauve and Fred Falke are on Myspace too, surprisingly.


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