Is math rock still relevant?

Is it still okay to publicly say that you like math rock? After the term has been pretty much watered down as a description of every band that isn’t completely straightforward and includes multiple guitars with rhythmic figures I guess no one really cares about it anymore. But if you do, there are still some good bands hiding out there, and think I’ve found a pretty good one. They’re called Maps & Atlases, they’re sailing out from Chicago to conquer the world and very conveniently they are releasing a new EP called You And Me And The Mountain. You don’t have to worry about things getting to blip-blop’ish, this one is light math, and the time signature might even allow a dance move although it might be a bit awkward.

Maps & Atlases – Witch

and math on Myspace. But still, is math rock still relevant in any way and is it still possible to find anyone who cares if you don’t play in 4/4?

2 responses to “Is math rock still relevant?

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  2. dub & run x

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