Pic via Brooklynvegan

So how was Lolla? Did you enjoy yourselves? I know you did. Whether you were amazed by Battles, rocked by Rage or just watched Kanye do his thing, it must have been a great weekend. I’m actually quite jealous of all you lucky festivalgoers who get to experience some decent live action. I haven’t experienced anything excited in quite a while now, but while it sounds grey and depressing it still gives me plenty of time to browse the mighty internet for some sweet tunes, and I actually found something. Apparently Andy and Stuffa collaborated with Mapei to please your ears and made one hell of a song about the pretty girls. I had high expectations, and they sure were fulfilled. This is great stuff

Stuffa and Andy feat. Mapei – Pretty Girls

Myspace your heroes: Mapei and the mighty Stuffa and Andy


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