It’s all about the basssss

One should never underestimate the power of a nice solid bass. Of course solid means bonebreaking to the point where breathing becomes hard and your chest pumps in perfect sync. The biggest fans of a huge bass are probably found around Londontown where the grooves of dubstep have been haunting the streets for quite a while. Burial has got his share of fame, and is widely acclaimed, but I feel that Skream is terribly underappreciated out there. Skream, also known as Oliver Jones (yup, this guy also exists in real life) has some insane stuff going on and you gotta give him some credit for “inventing” dubstep. Here is some of his finest tunes to get you going.

Skream – Oskillatah

and look, he sold out too for the sake of some sweet bloghouse
Klaxons – It’s Not Over (Skream Remix)

…oh and don’t play this on your iPod/iPhone/whateveryou’reflashing unless you have decent pair of headphones. Just a piece of advice..


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