Analog vs. Digital: The Mixtape is back

This is the beginning of a new feature that will capture the great battle of our time: Analog vs. Digital. Okay, a little too much drama, but you know where I’m going with this. This post will be about one of the true goodies of the analog age, but also one that is hopelessly connected to unfulfilled romances and cassette tapes.

Analog and digital may seem to be the exact opposites, but this new project from the British company Mixa seems to use the strengths of both medias. The idea of usb mixtapes has of course been seen before, but I must admit, that until now they have failed to amaze me. This on the other hand looks like a great mixture; an old fashioned cassette tape with a build-in sub plug that let’s you transfer all you digital goodness. And hey, you can put your own snazzy design on the tape!

Check it out!

And if you need any inspiration for what you might want to fill your usb mixtape with, here’s the Too Cool For School vol. 2 mixtape that Fluokids turned me on to a while ago

Too Cool For School Mixtape Vol. 2 (hosted by Fluokids until I get a proper link up)

And a neat little tracklist too

Queen of Japan – Fat Bottom Baby
Kelley Polar – Entropy Reigns (In the celestial city)
Nathalie Portman’s Shaved Head – Iceage Babeland
Out Hud – It’s For You
Nina Bobsing – Big Pressure
Los Super Elegantes – Dance
586 – We Got Bored
Cristal Palace – The Game
Signal Électrique – Fier de ne Rien Faire


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